Definitions for "DBC"
C-weighted decibels adjust sound pressure towards the low frequency end of the spectrum. Although less consistent with human hearing than A-weighting, dBC can be used to consider the impacts of certain low frequency operations.
Decibels with respect to or relative to the carrier power.
Decibel relative to main signal power
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The creator of the TurboIMAGE/XL database. You must be either the database creator or give the TurboIMAGE/XL database maintenance word to attach a database to a DBEnvironment. Commands that add users, or display or modify user information can only be executed by the DBC.
Deputy brigade commander
MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
acronym for DesignByContract.
Drug Benefit Committee: The Pharmacare committee that recommends to the director of Pharmacare what drugs to cover and with what restrictions, based on the reviews of evidence by the Therapeutics Initiative and by the Pharmacoeconomic Initiative.
A group of downtown businessmen organized to sponsor joint promotions and projects.
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Deaconess Billings Clinic
Distance netween centres
Abbreviation for Distance Between Centers.
Distance between centers. The horizontal linear distance between geometric centers of the two eyes of a frame front.
A settlement method covering a whole medical treatment period in which the claim compensation for separate treatments is specified. The final settlement with the health insurer is at the end of the treatment period.