Definitions for "Noise floor"
Keywords:  hiss, lowest, zendrum, snr, background
The level of noise that an audio device produces, measured in negative dB. The lower the dB level, the quieter the device is.
The residual level of noise in any system. In a well designed mixer, the noise floor will be a quiet hiss, which is the thermal noise generated by bouncing electrons in the transistor junctions. The lower the noise floor and the higher the headroom, the more usable dynamic range a system has.
Normally the lowest threshold of useful signal level (although sometimes audible signals below the noise floor may be recovered).
1. The strength of a given mic's self-noise, usually expressed in dB. 2. In the film industry, the producer is typically the individual who "makes it happen", meaning, they are the one who will most likely find the financial backing as well as the technical talent (such as a director of photography) to "produce" the movie/TV show etc.
"Noise Floor (Rarities: 1998-2005)" is a compilation of previously recorded but unreleased or hard-to-find songs by Bright Eyes.