Definitions for "Clipping"
In digital recording no signal exists beyond 0 dB, however, in analog recording peaks can and do exceed this point (e.g. +1dB). When the analog signal (original narration or tape transfer) exceeds 0dB, the signal peak in the digital audio reaches and stays at 0dB. If this continues for more than a short period of time ((approximately 10 samples), the result is "clipping" which results in distortion. Distortion resulting from high input levels in a digital production environment is much more noticeable and unpleasant than distortion resulting from high input levels in an analog production environment. It is essential to control digital recording levels so that the peaks do not exceed 0 dB.
Amplifier distortion occurring when a high energy wave form (a very loud sound resulting in a large output) is input into an amplifier and the amplifier is unable to fully reproduce it due to power supply limitations or amplifier design limitations resulting in the audio output waves being cut off (the rounded tops sliced off resulting in short waves with flat tops).
Amplifiers do this when they are being over driven, and are close to their working limit. The word refers to the top and bottom of the signal being clipped off, and this causes distortion, which can very easily damage speakers. All amplifiers have a light on the front panel to indicate this is happening, but the effect is very audible.
The act of cutting off, curtailing, or diminishing; the practice of clipping the edges of coins.
That which is clipped off or out of something; a piece separated by clipping; as, newspaper clippings.
procedure by which the tips of the shoots are cut
A method used in Sympathectomy where nerve endings that call for the production of Sweat are clamped using titanium clips so that the signal will not reach the glands. This process is reversible and as such is favored by many people over other methods.
Also known as clamping, a medical term used to describe one sympathectomy procedure. Titanium clips are applied to the sympathetic nerve to block nerve impulse transmission. Unlike cutting, which destroys the sympathetic chain, clipping allows for surgical reversal.
Surgical procedure for treatment of brain aneurysms, involving clamping an aneurysm from a blood vessel, surgically removing this ballooned part of the blood vessel, and closing the opening in the artery wall.
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The act of hitting a player from behind, for the purpose of blocking. It is illegal in football because it can lead to injury to the blocked player, who cannot anticipate the action. A penalty of 10 yards or more may be assessed against the team of the offending player.
A player who uses his body to hit an opponent across or below the knees. (2,5 and GM).
A dangerous and illegal block in which a player takes out his opponent from behind.
Construction step for a 3D image; the polygon which can't be seen by the observer, because too far or covered by other polygons, are removed ("cut").
Cutting into the seam allowance so the fabric lays flat.
Eliminates all the geometry that is outside the view volume.
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When pertaining to gait, the back foot striking the front foot.
a gaiting fault in which the rear feet actually knick the pads of the front feet when in a full trot
A word formation process that shortens an existing word to create a new word; for example, the word ad from advertisement.
In phonetics, clipping is the process of shortening the articulation of a phonetic segment, usually a vowel. A clipped vowel is pronounced more quickly than an unclipped vowel, and these clipped vowels are often also reduced. In English, clipping without vowel reduction most often occurs in a stressed syllable before a voiceless consonant, and clipping with vowel reduction occurs in many unstressed syllables.
In linguistics, clipping is the word formation process which consists in the reduction of a word to one of its parts (Marchant:1969).
Whenever an item is dragged into and is larger than the perimeter of a VDACC, the view of the dragged object is 'clipped' to the perimeter size of the VDACC and scrollers automatically appear. The size of the clipped item has not changed and can be seen in its entirety again by either dragging it back out or resizing the VDACC to equal the size of the item.
Displaying a section through a molecular system in the HyperChem workspace. Hides unwanted foreground and background atoms so you can focus on an area of interest. The section is called a clipping slab. This is a rectangular box with adjustable depth, and with height and width of the HyperChem workspace.
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The act of embracing.
the act of clipping or snipping
In PhotoShop, the automatic adjustment of colours to bring them into printable gamut.
Clipping is when a part of a photograph is brighter than what the imaging device can handle. The clipped areas are sometimes called "blownout highlights". With digital cameras, the clipped area will often turn to pure white and will not contain any detail.
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glissando parameter source
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Clock Close-miking
The clipping of veneer on the clipping line.
The clipping of veneers on the veneer cutter whether the veneers are in their initial or in final production.
refers to the use of one object to trim away parts of another. It is similar in function to intersection, except clipping shows an object's hollow interior. The clipped_by statement can be used to assign a clipping object to another object.
A computer science technique for not showing parts of objects that should be obstructed by another object. Clipping problems result in hidden areas being visible, and objects that don't overlap correctly.
Clipping isolates a rectangle within the model grid for modeling or plotting. The rectangle or clipped area is specified by its row and column ranges in the local grid.
The conversion of all tones lighter than a specified grey level to white, or darker than a specified grey level to black, causing loss of detail. This also applies to individual channels in a color image.
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Sharp shadow effect.
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Is a procedure to reduce an HTML web page to only text that answers a specific request so it can be small enough to be sent to a wireless device.
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a piece of text, so she keeps the information / fact that she needs, has a link to the source, and a personal message describing it