Definitions for "Slice"
To hit (the ball) so that the face of the club draws across the face of the ball and deflects it.
To induce too much back/sidespin onto the ball causing it to fly dramatically from left to right. (Granted you're a right handed player)
A shot that curves violently to the right. This is the most common ball flight for a beginner.
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Also layer or slab. Nine cubelets. The 3x3 cube is 3 slices deep any way you look at it. The slices are numbered , and , relative to a face. If slice(s) are not specified in a move, it means slice 1, i.e., the face itself.
An OLAP function. It is an operation whereby a subset of a multi-dimensional array (or cube) corresponding to a single value for one or more members of the dimensions not in the subset is selected at a given concept level. A slice of a cube is also the result of a slice operation. For example, if the member United States is selected from the Location dimension, then the sub-cube of all the remaining dimensions is the slice that is specified. The data omitted from this slice would be any data associated with the non-selected members of the Location dimension, for example Canada, Mexico, etc. From an end user perspective, the term slice most often refers to a two-dimensional page selected from the cube.
A spatial volume one voxel thick i.e. a 2-D image. Usually refers to an entire time-series (e.g. trial or run), and as such can be thought of as a volume with time as the third dimension.
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A thin, broad piece cut off; as, a slice of bacon; a slice of cheese; a slice of bread.
That which is thin and broad, like a slice.
A broad, thin piece of plaster.
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A partition of a disk. You can create slices on your Zip and Jaz media. An object for each slice appears on the desktop.
A part of each physical disk that is treated as a separate area for storage of files in a single file system, or for an application such as a database. Before you can create a file system on disk, you must partition it into slices.
(1) As used in the context of the low-speed communication (networking) subsystem in an EIOP, a slice is a subdivision of a channel buffer; sections of the buffer are divided into slices used for buffering network messages and data. (2) On Cray Y-MP, Cray X-MP EA, and Cray X-MP systems, a contiguous storage address space on a physical device, specified by a starting cylinder and number of blocks.
a small opening in the headbox where the furnish is sprayed out to form the paper web along the forming wire
opening through which pulp is poured onto the wire of a Fourdrinier.
In reference to a paper making machine, a device that controls the flow of pulp from the headbox of a Fourdrinier.
MPEG-1 terminology for a group of consecutive macroblocks. Each macroblock in a picture (or image) must be part of a slice. The slice was designed primarily to help a decoder recover from bitstream errors. If a decoder detects an error, one way to recover is to skip to the next slice header.
an independently decodable unit in a frame
an integer number of consecutive macroblocks from a raster of macroblocks
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when a hawk propels its droppings out away from the nest or perch.
The action employed by eagles, hawks, and vultures of evacuating mutes.
a rectangular area of an image that you can use to create links, rollovers, and animations in the resulting Web page
a rectangular area of an image which becomes a cell in an HTML table in the HTML file for the image
Slice is the fourth album from Arthur Loves Plastic and was released in 1998. Slice won the 1998 Wammie for Best Recording in the Rock - Techno/Ambient/Electronic/Industrial Category. The 1998 Wammies (Washington D.C. Area Music Awards).
Tomographic section (defined by position and thickness) of a test phantom or patient under investigation during a single CT exposure in serial scanning.
A three dimensional model consists of several slices which define the top and/or the bottom of a layer. Slices cover nodal quantities such as initial and boundary conditions as well as all resulting data..
a pre-manufactured chip in which all silicon-based layers have been built, leaving the top metal layers to be completed with the customer's unique intellectual property
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One of the wedges by which the cradle and the ship are lifted clear of the building blocks to prepare for launching.
The wedge representing a particular number; e.g., the 20 wedge
The wedge of a particular number on the board, as in a slice (of the pie)
IKANO's SLICE portal technology lets businesses enhance corporate communications with a single login platform. IKANO has bundled a vast suite of communications tools including: Internet access, Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions, e-mail, Unified Communications, and Instant Messaging. Not only are these communications tools valuable, but the ability to incorporate third-party systems into the single login environment allows the business to further streamline operations. This enables the SLICE Portal provider to push selected content to end-users -- from customers to employees -- who receive critical information or promotions through multiple communication channels. The rules-based server effectively distributes various sets of information to selected groups of employees, depending on their role within the company.
a stirring industry and studying more about it is quite valuable
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A salver, platter, or tray.
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another term for wafer, most often used during wafer manufacture where wafers are sliced from an ingot.
Slice is a line of fruit-flavored soft drinks manufactured by Pepsi Co and introduced in 1984, with the Lemon-Lime and Mandarin Orange flavours.
A term used to describe a grouping of combat, combat support, and combat service support units which are task organized for wartime missions or are habitually associated for peacetime training.
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a meal unto itself
A binary file in a proprietary format which a TiVo downloads from the Emulator to obtain data. There are different slices: TV guide data, IR codes, lineups, logos.
a shorthand method for specifying specific elements of an array
a subarray that's specified by an index range
A section of an array selected by specifying its lower and upper limits.
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a move where a natural weapon skims the surface of the target area being struck. Usually a minor move used to set up a major move.
a part of traffic of an ad space that can be pre-targeted
a doubly infinite line (and so must pass completely through the triangle)
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An exaggerated "draw".
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A removable sliding bottom to galley.
a set of allocated resources distributed across PlanetLab
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To clear by means of a slice bar, as a fire or the grate bars of a furnace.
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For a ground stroke, see chop. For a serve, see slice serve.
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an example of a volume
a portion of a volume
The 2-D construct formed by the intersection of a Compound Shape with a horizontal plane.
a small area of the sensor, but built to the specifications of the full sensor
a set of elements formed from an initial offset and a combination of indices and step-sizes
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a set of attributes belonging to a given entity
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a share of something; "a slice of the company's revenue"
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n. 1) A credit card. 2) An electric-powered racing cycle.