Definitions for "Data Cube"
Also Cube, Hypercube, Multi-dimentional Array, Multi-dimentional Database. It is a multi-dimentional data structure, a group of data cells arranged by the dimensions of the data. For example, a spreadsheet exemplifies a two-dimensional array with the data cells arranged in rows and columns, each being a dimension. A three-dimensional array can be visualized as a cube with each dimension forming a side of the cube, including any slice parallel with that side. Higher dimensional arrays have no physical metaphor, but they organize the data in the way users think of their enterprise. Typical enterprise dimensions are time, measures, products, geographical location, sales channels, etc. It is not rare to see more than 20 dimensions. However, the higher the dimensions the more complex the manipulation and data mining on the cube become, and the more sparce the data cube may become.
a logical model of organizing data 'records' into multidimensional matrices, where any point (record) in the cube can be identified by units (attribute value) along each dimension (attribute class)
a multidimensional database that is comprised of a set of dimensions and measures
Proprietary data structure used to store data for an OLAP end-user data access and analysis tool.
a popular organization for summary data