Definitions for "Data model"
A collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships, data semantics, and consistency constraints.
A conceptual specification of the sets of components and the relationships among the components pertaining to the specific phenomena defined by the model reality. A data model is independent of specific systems or data structures. The S-57 data model defines real world entities as a combination of descriptive and spatial characteristics. These characteristics are defined in terms of feature objects and spatial objects and the relationship between them.
The complete set of data elements which must be taken into account whenever software systems are written. Industry efforts are underway to define a standard data model for retailers.
a blueprint of the data needed to support business processes, and information that is needed by management for decision-making
a general blueprint for the type of content that will appear in a database
a high-level logic design of data interaction between system components
an abstraction of the real world to fulfil the needs of a particular context
an abstract specification of what values are permissible within a system
a diagram that illustrates your database design
a diagram that uses text and symbols to represent groupings of data so that the reader can understand the actual data better
a limited way to represent geographical reality
a collection of concepts used to describe data
an integrated collection of concepts for describing relationships between data and constraints on the data in an organization
The rationale for a particular data organisation scheme within a database.
a prerequisite to development of the encoding rules
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an important part of an integrated metadata management system
a picture of the persistent data in the software system or data base
a major product of the requirements analysis process
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a plan for building a database
Plan computer uses for storing and accessing data.