Definitions for "Data Set"
A logical grouping of S-57 data to which the S-57 data set descriptive records apply. The data set descriptive records contain meta data. The use of data set descriptive records is product specific and is, therefore, defined by a product specification. If the data set descriptive records are repeated for each file in an exchange set, an instance of a file containing the data set descriptive records is called a data set. If the data set descriptive records are encoded generally for the whole exchange set, the exchange set is referred to as a data set.
Collection of interrelated data -- the data being organized and structured. Usually the data set is contained within a single file.
(1) According to AT&T a data set is modem, but (2) according to IBM, a data set is a collection of data.
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Infrequently used term for a modem.
An infrequently used term for modem.
A group of related records that are organized and treated as a unit. Also used interchangeably with data file.
a group of data that can be manipulated by Enhanced SBACKUP
a group of directories or icons you wish to encrypt
a time series of rawinsonde measurements over several Arctic regions
A series of data elements or units of information that are logically arranged in a particular format.
A semantically meaningful unit of information exchanged between two parties to a transaction. [45 CFR 162.103
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a data string of variable length responsible for the transmission of retrieved data to the Workflow Manager, which in its turn interacts with the presentation layer
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Dependent demand Dispatcher
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Raw data gathered by investigators.
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a single seven band
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a matrix containing one or (usually) more cases
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a sample and the associated ''data points
A list of standard fields or headings for descriptive information about an item.
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