Definitions for "Fields"
The sets of upper (odd) and lower (even) lines drawn by the electron gun when illuminating the phosphors on the inside of a standard television screen, thereby resulting in displaying an interlaced image. In the NTSC standard, one complete vertical scan of the picture or field contains 262.5 lines. Two fields make up a complete television frame the lines of field 1 are vertically interlaced with field 2 for 525 lines of resolution.
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See television fields.
Defined locations and types of data within records in database management systems. See also File and Records.
Discrete pieces of information that are collected into records. As in, the Last Name field, the Address field, etc.
portion of a reference or unit record representing a specific item of information, such as the author, title etc. (Keenan, p.30)
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Field Selector
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Areas of farmland.
use only on CNMPac - the number of fields and subfields included in the acres given
A computer program developed by Southern California Edison Company that models transmission and distribution lines. This program calculates the magnetic and electric fields for long parallel conductors, both overhead and underground. This program allows the designer to calculate expected magnetic and electric fields for various design configurations, loading and voltages.
Regions in which each point has a value of a physical quantity (voltage, magnetic force, velocity, mass, etc.).
Every field in Time Matters can be changed. Underneath, Time Matters stores all data as variant data type. However, it displays in the forms as text, checkboxes, lookups, dates, numbers, etc. You can modify the prompt, the help text, and the name of the variable. But you cannot change the Core Variable name.
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The smallest division within a metadata framework. Fields become elements in a DTD or schema. Fields become tag sets within XML documents when the field is surrounded by a "" and a "" sign.
Framework of a database over which information is laid - each 'field' holds one aspect of information, e.g. name, town, age, sex, etc.
they represent continuous phenomena, like for example environmental noise or territory altimetry.
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United States comedian and film actor (1880-1946)
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a style type of fragrance
Enclosed areas on cultivated ground used for growing crops or enclosing animals.
peripheral vision, should measure 120 degrees
The volume of tissue to be treated during radiation therapy.
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See "Attributes".