Definitions for "Blanking"
The part of the video signal that contains no picture information. Used for synchronising, timecode, closed captions, etc.
the process of making the trace, or parts of a trace, invisible.
Areas of a picture electronically blanked out, thus preventing the operator from viewing designated areas such as residential house windows.
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White paper border surrounding the advertising poster. Blanking paper is located between the poster and panel molding.
in outdoor advertising, a white paper border surrounding the poster copy area; see bleed-face bulletin.
A white paper border applied between the poster and panel molding.
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A generic ECCM technique that blanks out part of a jammed radar's received signal on the basis of time, phase, frequency, or direction in order to decrease jammer effectiveness.
A programmable feature of a safety light curtain system which allows the curtain to ignore certain objects located within the defined area.
(Machine Safety) An optional safety light screen function which allows the light screen to ignore objects located within the defined area.
replacement of any seedling trees that have died and left blanks in a regular planting pattern.
The shearing or cutting of outside contours or shapes, called blanks, out of sheet or strip stock. For larger production, blanking is often done in multiple dies, and is combined with other operations such as piercing and forming in combination dies and progressive dies.
The absolute closure of a pipe, line, or duct by the fastening of a solid plate that completely covers the bore and is capable of withstanding the maximum pressure of the contents within the pipe, line, or duct with no leakage beyond the plate.
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Insertion of a solid metal disc between the companion flanges of a flanged joint.
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An early step in preparing flat-rolled steel for use by an end user. A blank is a section of sheet that has the same outer dimensions as a specified part (such as a car door or hood) but that has not yet been stamped. Steel processors may offer blanking for their customers to reduce their labor and transportation costs; excess steel can be trimmed prior to shipment.
Removing all of the content of an article. This differs from deletion, as the article link remains valid.
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Shading a chart during a projection
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Each corner of an image can be shifted.
The non-visible region surrounding a frame of video.
Time period when active video is not being transmitted.
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See beating up