Definitions for "PALplus"
Enhanced widescreen letterboxed TV system compatible with conventional PAL system using the ' Motion Adaptive Color Plus' technology to reduce cross-effects plus a special Helper Signal to recover full vertical luminance resolution.
PALplus is the name of a strategy group formed in 1989 to develop an advanced analog terrestrial transmission system compatible with conventional PAL. The group, made up of German, Austrain, Swiss and British broadcasters as well Philips, Thomson, Grundig, Nokia, Sony and Samsung, set itself the task of enhancing the PAL signal by developing the 16:9 letterbox format, increasing the useable luminance bandwidth, reducing cross-colour artifacts, working on echo cancellation and improving sound.
An enhancement of PAL that provides 16:9 aspect ratio and improved picture quality (reduced cross-color and cross-luminance artifacts). A PALplus signal is shown in a letterbox format on a normal PAL TV set.