Definitions for "Scaler"
Video processing device that changes the resolution of the input signal to a different resolution.
Also called “up-converters,” these electronic devices map the video signal from one computer display and scale the signal for display on another computer screen. See our full line of Scalers.
A device used to change the resolution of video images, as in upscaling, and converting non-16x9-enhanced video images for proper display on 16x9, or widescreen, sets.
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A processing module that multiplies its input by a parameter.
An instrument for counting of pulses from radiation detection equipment. Scalers produce pulses that are proportional in number to the number of input pulses. Synonym: counter.
an electronic pulse counter used to count pulses that occur too rapidly to be recorded individually
One who, or that which, scales; specifically, a dentist's instrument for removing tartar from the teeth.
A special hand tool with ridged teeth for scaling fish.
an instrument used by hand to remove plaque and calculus from tooth surfaces above the gumline
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The man who measures, for the government or the company, the volume of wood cut.
A person who measures and estimates how much lumber is in logs. eedlings – The first stage of a young tree. Seedling " sapling " mature tree " over mature tree " dead snag.
Person who measures logs to calculate their volume and value. He works with a partner who measures the opposite end of the log.
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A tool with a curved hook on one end. The orthodontist uses the scaler to remove excess cement, and check for gaps.