Definitions for "EDTV"
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Enhanced Definition Television. A digital transmission that is better picture and sound quality than standard-definition television, but doesn't measuring up to the HDTV standards. Also a good movie starring Matthew McConaughay and Jenna Elfman.
Enhanced Definition Television: TVs offering near high definition progressive scan 852x480 (480p) resolution.
stands for Enhanced Definition Television, which is a subset of the new ATSC's Digital Television (or Digital TV) specification. The EDTV format is essentially 480 lines of resolution in progressive scanning, or 480p (the "p" stands for progressive scanning). The complete Digital TV standard consists of no less than 18 different picture formats. Also see High Definition Television, Standard Definition Television. back to the previous page
a fine solution for viewing DVD, you made a good choice Slybevel, but have received lousy service from the salesperson who sold it to you
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Omnidirectional antenna
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EDtv is a movie directed by Ron Howard released in 1999.
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See 480p.