Definitions for "Full motion video"
Video displays shown at the broadcast frame rate of 30 fps for NTSC-original signals or 25 frames per second for PAL-original signals.
Continuous motion, often color, video used in teleconferencing. Often similar to the quality on commercial television (referred to as broadcast quality).
Video that plays at thirty frames per second [NTSC] or 25 frames per second [PAL].
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FMV): Sequences of "movie" or "movie like images" that are shown before, during, or after a game. FMV is also refereed to as "cinema" or "cinema sequences". Although rare, some game companies will also use FMV as their standard gameplay engine, however this usually limits the player on what choices and elements he/she may perform or experience during play. Most often, FMV is used to enhance or enrich the plot of a game and can use either cartoon, computer rendered, or even live-action actors for the cinema.
Popularized by the Sega CD in the early 90s, FMV games allowed the player to interact with live or computer-generated video. Most of these game weren't much fun, and soon FMV was relegated to introductions, cut-scenes, and ending sequences.
Signal which allows transmission of complete action taking place at the origination site.