Definitions for "Frame"
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To provide with a frame, as a picture.
A kind of open case or structure made for admitting, inclosing, or supporting things, as that which incloses or contains a window, door, picture, etc.; that on which anything is held or stretched
One of the still pictures that make up a video.
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The peripheral structure of a window or door Kozijn
The enclosing structure of a window, which fits into the wall opening and receives either glass, sash, or vents.
A resizable, movable window with title bar and close button. Usually it contains Panel Window BorderLayout
To construct by fitting and uniting the several parts of the skeleton of any structure; specifically, in woodwork, to put together by cutting parts of one member to fit parts of another. See Dovetail, Halve, v. t., Miter, Tenon, Tooth, Tusk, Scarf, and Splice.
Anything composed of parts fitted and united together; a fabric; a structure; esp., the constructional system, whether of timber or metal, that gives to a building, vessel, etc., its model and strength; the skeleton of a structure.
The skeleton structure which supports the boiler and machinery of a locomotive upon its wheels.
The time between the start of one SOF data transaction and the start of the subsequent SOF data transaction. Frame consists of a series of transactions.
The basic division of the hard disk. The entire disk is divided into individual pages or frames of a predetermined length. In the classic Pick System, frames were 512 bytes, with the first 12 bytes of each frame being reserved for the "linkage" fields. Frame size now varies on Pick implementations.
A variable length group of data bits with a specific format containing flags at the beginning and end to provide demarcation.
A stand to support the type cases for use by the compositor.
a pair of glasses without the lenses; that part of a pair of glasses that excludes the lenses.
The structure that supports the machinery components of a conveyor.
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A structure of four bars, adjustable in size, on which cloth, etc., is stretched for quilting, embroidery, etc.
A device, usually made of lengths of wood, for holding the layers of a quilt taut so that they can be quilted together smoothly, without folds or puckers. In a full frame, the entire quilt is stretched out at the beginning and the side rails are rolled up in the quilt as portions are quilted. Other frames are designed to maintain a constant distance between the side rails, so that the quilt must be rolled and unrolled like a scroll until the quilting is completed. Quilt frames are sometimes hung by ropes from the ceiling so that they can be raised out of the way when not in use.
Used to hold taut the garment that will be embroidered.
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In games: (a) In pool, the triangular form used in setting up the balls; also, the balls as set up, or the round of playing required to pocket them all; as, to play six frames in a game of 50 points. (b) In bowling, as in tenpins, one of the several innings forming a game.
The equivalent of one game in snooker. Usefulness: N/A(0 ratings) by wickedwillie () Rate It! this definition is ... useful somewhat useful incorrect spam / offensive
The ten divisions within a game. The first nine allow two deliveries unless a strike is rolled, while the tenth frame allows a maximum of three deliveries regardless of what is thrown. Also known as box or canto.
The bodily structure; physical constitution; make or build of a person.
The ribs and stretchers of an umbrella or other structure with a fabric covering.
A glazed portable structure for protecting young plants from frost.
noun Part of a skate which holds the wheels in place, also called the chassis
Foundation or chassis upon which a locomotive is built.
Chassis of a vehicle.
wooden rectangle with a sheet of foundation to support a comb.
a piece of equipment made of either wood or plastic designed to hold the honey comb.
A circus apparatus with limited functions; it is used in aerial acts, mainly in air flight. It is a metal rectangle, half a metre in length and quarter a metre in width, fastened horizontally in the air; one of gymnasts (a catcher) is suspended on it by elbow supports, and the other one (voltiger) hangs in his hands while performing various tricks.
A frame is a simple widget. Its primary purpose is to act as a spacer or container for complex window layouts. The only features of a frame are its background color and an optional 3-D border to make the frame appear raised or sunken.
to put a border around
frame is a collection of named slots.!-- if (navigator.appName=="Netscape") { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' height='14' width='687' border='0'");} else { document.write("img src='separation.bmp' x-maintain-ratio='TRUE' style='border-style: none; height: 14px; float: none; width: 687px;' height='14' width='687' border='0'");
In Netscape, a frame is a window on a Web page that can scroll independently from the rest of the screen. This gives the Web author the ability to display multiple files simultaneously on the same Web page.
A Web page section that can be independent of other sections of the Web page.
A rectangular area absolutely positioned on the page and containing text, graphics, or both.
In T-1 and E-1 multiplexing, a frame is a term used to define the results of one complete multiplexer scan cycle in which a byte of data from each channel has been placed in its respective time slot for transmission over the T-1 or E-1 line. A T-1 frame consists of 24 time slots and an E-1 frame consists of 32 time slots. The multiplexed data is transmitted and received frame by frame. (source)
in time-division multiplexing is one complete commutator resolution, including a single synchronizing signal or code.
In-time division multiplexing, the complete cycle of events usually expressed in hertz (Hz). One hertz is one cycle per second.
To originate; to plan; to devise; to contrive; to compose; in a bad sense, to invent or fabricate, as something false.
to manufacture false evidence against (an innocent person), so as to make the person appear guilty of a crime. The act of framing a person is often referred to as a frame-up.
Contrivance; the act of devising or scheming.
The other portion of a stamp which surrrounds the central design.
The outer portion of a stamp design, often consisting of a line or a group of panels.
the outer portion of a stamp design, which encloses the central portion ( vignette) of the design.
The position of the arms and top line while in dance position. Posición de los brazos y de la top line mientras se está en posición de baile.
Dance posture for the purpose of maintaining balance and appearance
The structure of closed dance positions based on the shoulders, arms, and torso. The man maintains a secure and confident closed position keeping the lady's shoulders and torso parallel to his.
the verbal markers of an oral narrative, indicating the beginning and the ending.
A narrative structure that provides a setting and exposition for the main narrative in a novel. Often, a narrator will describe where he found the manuscript of the novel or where he heard someone tell the story he is about to relate. The frame helps control the reader's perception of the work, and has been used in the past to help give credibility to the main section of the novel. Examples of novels with frames: Mary Shelley Frankenstein Nathaniel Hawthorne The Scarlet Letter
No closing tag. Index Definition: Frame Description: Defines the contents and appearance of a single frame or subwindow.
Yes v3 up IE3+ subwindow
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A component that provides a way to mount a motor and support the other motor components.
A component of a miniature circuit breaker. Its primary function is to provide a rigid, mechanically strong, insulated housing in which the other components are mounted.
A framed cabinet has a face plate on the front of the cabinet that gives the cabinet rigidity and also supplies an area to mount hinges and door bumpers. This is the area that is seen with standard overlay cabinets. A frameless cabinet is the European style cabinet which amounts to just a box with a door attached. The frameless cabinet has no face plate attached to it.
(connector) The surrounding portion (usually metal) of a multiple contact connector having a removable module or insert. The frame supports the insert, and provides a method for mounting the connector to a panel or a mating connector. See also shell.
There are three different components to a frame. They hold the operating and/or stationary sash.
The enclosure, fixed to a wall, which holds the sash or door panel.
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It refers to a wooden frame for any cushioned piece of furniture.
The wooden framework of an upholstered piece of furniture.
The mostly unseen materials used to craft the supporting structure of a piece of upholstered furniture. Wood, metal and plastic are common frame materials.
The oval portion of the racket that contains the strings; an unstrung racket.
(1) the oval portion of a racquet that contains the strings, (2) an unstring racquet
noun: the context within which a person, thing, event, or environment is perceived. Origin: Richard Bandler and John Grinder.
Context, environment, meta-level, a way of perceiving something (as in Outcome Frame, "As If" Frame, Backtrack Frame, etc).
Main body of a firearm or replica
The basic unit of a firearm that houses the firing and breech mechanisms and to which the barrel and stock are attached. Also called receiver.
What you do with your first error free spreadsheet. (Contact MENSA if you did this in less than 1 month.)
Graphic objects that can contain text, paintings, or spreadsheets. Frames give you access to tools from other ClarisWorks application environments.
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The part of the revolver that holds the cylinder,trigger,hammer,cylinder pin, and basically makes the handgun itnto a working weapon. The frame would be either open or closed. Open frame A Colt style would be open framed, wrapping around the cylinder on only 3 sides. Closed frame Wraps all around the cylinder on 4 sides. Remington style Top strap This is the upper strap or top part of the frame on Remington style revolvers which gave them much more strength then Colt style revolvers.
The frame of a bra holds the cups and sides together, and runs from the center of the bra, around the cups, and around to the sides.
Aluminum, wood, steel, or other material into which the filter pack is inserted.
This is the main structure of the scooter. Most scooter companies construct the frame out of steel. Some frames may be covered with a body made of steel, aluminum, plastic or any combination of the three.
The frame supports the working mechanics of the power washer. They can be constructed of aluminum or stainless steel, and are often powder coated to increase resistance to corrosion.
The set of product pixels corresponding to a given satellite position
A complete one (in the event of a strike) or two (in the event of a spare or open) shot delivery.
Framework designed to receive some form of surface material. It is a complete element in itself and is integrated into the piece of furniture in either a fixed or a removable way
Particular state or disposition, as of the mind; humor; temper; mood; as, to be always in a happy frame. Same as frame of mind
is the form of a syllogism, determined by the positions of the terms in the premises and conclusion; the mood and figure of a syllogism. ( Study 3)
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define CLIM term. -- rgr, 26-Mar-01.
frame of reference - in this case, defines the zero and axes for defining a velocity.
In screen-printing, the wood or metal construction to which the mesh is attached.
Frames divide the screen into several areas whose content can be designed and controlled independently of one another. Frames make updating only part of the screen possible, while leaving the rest as it is. Frames are often used in the navigational elements of a Web site, so that the site only has to be loaded once.
A single refresh of the entire screen as perceived by the viewer.
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A layout object used to enclose other layout objects and control the formatting, frequency, and positioning of several objects simultaneously.
The lowest level object in the layout model. Each content node maps to one or more frames during reflow. The frame handles the rendering of the content. A frame is pretty closely tied to the box concept in CSS2.
in environmental psychology, a locus or set of loci with respect to which spatial position is defined.
A cast iron unit at the ground surface that provides entry into the manhole.
A list of statistical units (people, groups of people, businesses).
Represents a unit of time within the Timeline.
A list of sampling units.
A list, file or some other instrument for identifying the sampling units that have a chance of being selected for a research sample. For example, a list of telephone numbers or housing units.
A set of samples, containing all samples that occur within a given frame interval. For an ordinary record, a frame contains exactly one sample of each signal; for a multi-frequency record, a frame contains at least one sample of each signal, and more than one sample of each oversampled signal (q.v.).
A wraparound tubular frame provides protection for the casing and engine. These frames can simplify storage (stacking) and lifting.
Major metal parts of the trampoline.
The part that holds the lens. The frame can be made out of metal, plastic or memory retention nylon.
A segment of an analogue or digital signal that has a repetitive characteristic, in that corresponding elements of successive frames represent the same things.
The segment, group, or segment register that specifies the segment portion of an address.
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A molding box or flask, which being filled with sand serves as a mold for castings.
Short for frame of reference. We frame things, we frame people, ideas, events, experiences, etc.: a mental, cognitive, or linguistic context for something.
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An outline between abutting color areas.
party's perception (modeled by a Options Board) of what parties are involved in an interaction, what options they can adopt, and what are their positions, stated intentions, doubts and preferences.
The heavy-duty powder coated frame is designed to be compact, portable and able to withstand years of rugged and punishing use.
The unit of transmission in a Token Ring Network. It includes delimiters, control characters, information, and checking characters.
A convention and an acting technique. In television, a moment a frame may be frozen or manipulated digitally for effect.
Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
Fund for Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments. Researches alternatives to using animals in research, testing and education.
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The viewing area as seen by the camera.
The total area (2 fields on an RS-170 signal) that is scanned while the camera signal is not blanked.
Of wood construction.
A type of construction. A frame building is primarily made with wood frames and joists.
provides an identifiable grouping for controls. A frame can also be used to subdivide a form functionally. For example, a frame can be used to separate a group of option buttons from other groups of option buttons.
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The set of pins (or what's left of them after some have been knocked down)
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A secondary frame set within a masonry opening.
To fit to something else, or for some specific end; to adjust; to regulate; to shape; to conform.
the focus of attention you give to something.
A term applied, especially in England, to certain machines built upon or within framework; as, a stocking frame; lace frame; spinning frame, etc.
A Term Used When "Framing" a Strategic Relationship With a Potentially Large Supplier
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A several hour long event, part of a series, pilots lossing their planes in a frame are out for the rest of that frame.
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Short for stack frame. This refers to one node in a call trace. Each frame is associated to one method which was called.
Refers to the construction of a building built of lumber.
the working area of a scene, bounded by lines representing the scene's aspect ratio.
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To proceed; to go.
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To shape; to arrange, as the organs of speech.
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Frame Count Frame Rate
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joined table frame fixed to table board.
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To cause; to bring about; to produce.
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The relationship between the arms, upper body, and center.
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What you put around a finished painting
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In the computer world, a frame can be many different things. The different ...
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Frame Spacing Framing
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frame rate free pricing model
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See: block.
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a player's turn at the table, also known as an inning.
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See Casing.
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See application frame .
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See Receiver.
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See network frame.