Definitions for "Cricket"
A small false roof, or the raising of a portion of a roof, so as to throw off water from behind an obstacle, such as a chimney.
A roof component used to divert water away from curbs, platforms, chimneys, walls, or other roof penetrations and projections.
A subsidiary peaked roof, similar to a dormer, behind a chimney or other obstruction in the main roof, where it serves to prevent water from backing up behind it.
An orthopterous insect of the genus Gryllus, and allied genera. The males make chirping, musical notes by rubbing together the basal parts of the veins of the front wings.
leaping insect; male makes chirping noises by rubbing the forewings together
an insect with long back legs used for jumping
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A game much played in England, and sometimes in America, with a ball, bats, and wickets, the players being arranged in two contesting parties or sides.
To play at cricket.
Cricket still carries the reputation of being a game played by gentleman. In fact, it is played by professionals. This lexicographer is not certain which is worse.
Cricket is an illustrated literary magazine for children published in the United States, founded in September, 1973, by Marianne Carus, whose intent was to create "The New Yorker for children." Marianne Carus still serves as the magazine's editor-in-chief.
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A low stool.
A low footstool.
a full service, one-stop technical litigation support technology provider, offering a full spectrum of electronic discovery and forensic services, as well as more traditional scanning, coding and digital printing services
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a lucky house spirit that takes it's luck away when it leaves
A cast iron trivet for a smoothing iron that was used for ironing clothes.
Cricket is a high performance, extremely flexible system for monitoring trends in time-series data. Cricket was expressly developed to help network managers visualize and understand the traffic on their networks, but it can be used all kinds of other job
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roller on the bar of a steel bit intended to ease its movement on the horse's tongue.
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a tiny computer that can make