Definitions for "Locust"
Any one of numerous species of long-winged, migratory, orthopterous insects, of the family Acrididæ, allied to the grasshoppers; esp., (Edipoda migratoria, syn. Pachytylus migratoria, and Acridium perigrinum, of Southern Europe, Asia, and Africa. In the United States the related species with similar habits are usually called grasshoppers. See Grasshopper.
migratory grasshoppers of warm regions having short antennae
a large GRASSHOPPER showing pronounced, density-dependent polymorphism, that is, the development of different types of individuals brought about by changes in the size, or numbers, of their population
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Robinia sp.
The locust tree. See Locust Tree (definition, note, and phrases).
hardwood from any of various locust trees
any of various hard-wooded trees of the family Leguminosae
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A backbend. Lie on your stomach. Raise both legs up behind the body.
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Locust is a Lotus 7 inspired kit car.
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5-7% Life stolen per hit