Definitions for "Platypus"
The duck mole. See under Duck.
Quiet, duck billed, aquatic monotremes.
not a typical embryo used in developmental studies, with an amazing sex chromosome organization, though we still no very little about the embryonic stages of this unique monotreme development. Rabbit
Playpus is the name of a horizontal scrolling shooter game created by Anthony Flack(aka Squashy Software). You play as an antiquated spacecraft(the last of the F-27 Platypus fleet) attempting to defend planet Mungola from Colossatropolis(which has become so overcrowded that its inhabitants are taking over Mungola for space and resources). It goes by a Level-Area structure, with 5 Areas in one Level.
Platypus was a progressive metal supergroup that consisted of members from Dream Theater, King's X and Dixie Dregs. The group was formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2000.
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a bird put together by bureaucrats
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an organism that can survive outside of its own mother's womb