Definitions for "Wombat"
Any one of three species of Australian burrowing marsupials of the genus Phascolomys, especially the common species (Phascolomys ursinus). They are nocturnal in their habits, and feed mostly on roots.
Sure, you've heard the name but do you have any idea what one looks like? Wombats are herbivorous, burrowing marsupials. They're about the size of a pig, covered in short, brown fur, with only a stub of a tail. Their heads are oval and they have very thick skulls. Each of their paws has sharp claws used for burrowing. They are generally harmless unless cornered. There are three types: common, northern hairy-nosed, and southern hairy-nosed.
(noun) Australian marsupial 2. Usually slow-moving female cyclist of the off road persuasion, often seen sipping tea on south-facing slopes. Shares with others whatever she's got: her food, her patch kit,pump, even her meager know-how. Patronizing attitude conspicuously lacking.
Wombat is a servlet engine that implements a Perl formulation of the Java Servlet API .
Wombat is a Perl library that provides a servlet container implementing an adaptation of the Java Servlet API Specification for Perl. The engine gives application developers access to common Web infrastructure services in a manner that is independent of the deployment environment.
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a clumsy bear-like animal that lives in a hole in the ground