Definitions for "Beetle"
Keywords:  mallet, maul, hammer, paving, wedges
A heavy mallet, used to drive wedges, beat pavements, etc.
A machine in which fabrics are subjected to a hammering process while passing over rollers, as in cotton mills; -- called also beetling machine.
To beat with a heavy mallet.
Any insect of the order Coleoptera, having four wings, the outer pair being stiff cases for covering the others when they are folded up. See Coleoptera.
A flying insect whose folded wings are protected inside a flap of exoskeleton. Obviously God's favorite creature, as there are over 300,000 known species.
( Entom.). an insect of the order Coleoptera, having its wings covered and protected by hard outer wing-cases.
Keywords:  jut, overhang, brows, huge, town
To extend over and beyond the base or support; to overhang; to jut.
be suspended over or hang over; "This huge rock beetles over the edge of the town"
jutting or overhanging; "beetle brows"
Keywords:  lhcb, readout, cern, asic, analogue
The Beetle ASIC is an analogue readout chip. It is developed for the LHCb experiment at CERN.
Keywords:  marvel, armour, fictional, tech, comics
The Beetle is the name of two comic book characters owned by Marvel Comics who exist within the fictional Marvel Universe. It is also the name of the three versions of high tech armour used by five separate characters.
Keywords:  bug, know, people
a bug for people who do not know
Keywords:  magic, jet, attracts, black, strong
A beetle made of jet is a strong protection against black magic. Made of any other material, it attracts money to its owner.
Keywords:  die, decided, draws, roll, game
Beetle is a game in which one draws a beetle in parts. The part is decided by the roll of a die.
Keywords:  mother, beauty, eyes, his
a beauty in the eyes of his mother