Definitions for "Hammer "
Keywords:  nail, carpenter, tool, hurled, claw
An instrument for driving nails, beating metals, and the like, consisting of a head, usually of steel or iron, fixed crosswise to a handle.
A spherical weight attached to a flexible handle and hurled from a mark or ring. The weight of head and handle is usually not less than 16 pounds.
To beat with a hammer; to beat with heavy blows; as, to hammer iron.
That part of a clock which strikes upon the bell to indicate the hour.
The padded mallet of a piano, which strikes the wires, to produce the tones.
That part of a gunlock which strikes the percussion cap, or firing pin; the cock; formerly, however, a piece of steel covering the pan of a flintlock musket and struck by the flint of the cock to ignite the priming.
Keywords:  malleus, cochlea, ossicle, ear, middle
the first of three small bones in the middle ear
another name for the malleus.
another of the three bones of hearing in the middle ear which helps transmit sound waves from the outer ear to the cochlea. Also called malleus.
a throw in brooming. a stepping, spinning sidearm
High overhead throw; the disc flies upside down in a parabolic type path. The grip, release etc is similar to the forehand.
An overhead throw with a forehand grip in which the disc is relesed at an angle so that it flattens out and flies upside down.
a day when the stock opens up at a given price, goes down sharply in the middle of the day, but closes fairly close to the open price
A 1-bar candlestick reversal pattern in which the open-close range is much smaller than a high-low range that prints well above average for that market. The real body must sit at one extreme of the high-low range to form a hammer.
A price pattern in candlestick charting that occurs when a security trades significantly lower than its opening, but rallies later in the day to close either above or close to its opening price. This pattern forms a hammer-shaped candlestick.
a melee weapon used specifically as a bludgeoning weapon
a two handed weapon that causes blunt damage
a weapon of mass destruction when used to consume entire ecological systems to build unsustainable housing for short term profit
Hammer is JSX, refactored and rewritten. Deserialization is faster, using SAX2 via JAXP
a miniature version of a pile driver
code name for AMD's first fully 64bit CPU. It is currently expected to sample in early 2001 and ship late 2001. Update 2002 Hammer is currently slated to ship in Q4 2002. This is the desktop/workstation version code name ClawHammer with an expected official name of Athlon XP 64. The server version will debut in the first half of 2003. It is code name SledgeHammer and the product name is Opteron.
Hammer is a 1972 blaxploitation film directed by Bruce Clark. The film was released following the successes of Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song and Shaft, notable 1971 films that popularized black cinema.
Also, a person or thing that smites or shatters; as, St. Augustine was the hammer of heresies.
a very useful thing, but every once in a while, a screwdriver is far more useful
a wonderful thing in the hands of a responsible carpenter but look out if you hand it to someone who is careless
7-2 offsuit. Specifically a winning hand with these as your hole cards. A popular hand among the poker bloggers.
Starting hand of (7,2)
Keywords:  forge, beat, tongues, bowl, silver
To form or forge with a hammer; to shape by beating.
beat with or as if with a hammer; "hammer the metal flat"
create by hammering; "hammer the silver into a bowl"; "forge a pair of tongues"
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To form in the mind; to shape by hard intellectual labor; -- usually with out.
To be busy forming anything; to labor hard as if shaping something with a hammer.
to ride strongly in big gears..
Also referred to as the gavel. The Auctioneer will drop the hammer to signify the closing of the deal between the seller and the buyer.
The final bid price, whether property is sold or unsold, as indicated by the bidding console or television auctioneer.
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an innocent device - it can be used to make, or maim
Keywords:  last, rock, stone, delivered, end
The last stone of an end.
The last rock shot in each end. When a team scores, it takes the first shot in the next end and gives its opponent the hammer.
The last stone delivered in an end.
Keywords:  diplomacy, essential, part
an essential part of UN diplomacy
Keywords:  aggressively, bet, seat, pot, raise
To bet aggressively as in "the player in seat 1 hammered the pot."
To bet and raise aggressively.
a candle that is found at the bottom of a downtrend and indicates a "possible" trend reversal coming
To hit the target repeatedly.
Refers to pulling the trigger, putting paint on someone is a sudden and intense manner, seizing the moment on offense by showering a target with paint.
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One of the names of the balls made by Faball.
Keywords:  panic, stall, accompanying, count, head
An over head pass usually accompanying panic and a stall count of 9.
a challenging object to the virtual modeler because its complex form combines straight lines, simple curves and complex three-dimensional curves
a completely inanimate object
Keywords:  anvil, ram, driven, gravity, sharp
A machine that applies a sharp blow to the work area through the fall of a ram onto an anvil. The ram can be driven by gravity or power. See also Gravity hammer and Power-driven hammer.
despite its name, the military hammer often was more of a pick. The war hammer gained popularity in the 15th century as a side-arm for combating plate armour.
Hammer is are four very different characters in the Marvel Comics universe.
seeing or using a hammer is a fortunate dream. it predicts a satisfying achievement.
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a larger headline above a smaller main headline
On hammermills, the crushing element attached to rotor, usually free-swinging.
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A particularly difficult IP who gives out tough grades
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The defense is mainly done with hammerfists.
Keywords:  nine, ten, beautiful, extremely, woman
An extremely beautiful woman, a nine or a ten.
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an easy way to check on the percentage of full seed
Hazardous Materials Management and Emergency Response
Keywords:  dynamic, load, fabricator, apply
A fabricator used to apply a dynamic load.
Something which in form or action resembles the common hammer