Definitions for "Horseshoe"
Keywords:  hoof, horsehoe, rawhide, draught, nails
A shoe for horses, consisting of a narrow plate of iron in form somewhat like the letter U, nailed to a horse's hoof.
Anything shaped like a horsehoe, such as a U-shaped bend in a river.
The Limulus or horsehoe crab.
Keywords:  luck, pasture, charm, fortune, hills
a luck charm, of course
A horseshoe means that you or someone close to you will have good luck.
For general good luck, hang a horseshoe over your bed (with the points down!).
A putt that skims around the back half edge of the cup and rolls back towards the putter.
An arm extends from the Tower Ridge pointing west from the Northwoods. A small valley is nestled between it and the north slope of the west edge of the Tower Ridge through which the Pipeline passes.
An arch whose intrados is greater than a semicircle and less than a full circle. Also known as an Arabic or Moorish arch.
a specialty of Springfield, IL and is made in many local restraunts
a traditional gift for the bride, bringing happiness and prosperity throughout the marriage
Keywords:  knobs, pressed, handles, glass, pattern
Pressed glass pattern with handles or knobs on covers of having a horseshoe form.
Keywords:  equip, iron, ring, game, consisting
game equipment consisting of an open ring of iron used in playing horseshoes
equip (a horse) with a horseshoe or horseshoes