Definitions for "Hoop"
is a wooden or tin hoop or ring used for baking cakes or pastry. Those made of tin often came apart, as they do today, being joined together by a hinge and removable pin.
a ring, tied onto a stick with a string
A large pair of wooden rings sized so that one fits inside the other, which is sometimes used instead of a frame to keep the layers of a quilt taut and even during the quilting process. A hoop is more portable than a quilt frame. It is similar to an embroidery hoop, although larger.
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To utter a loud cry, or a sound imitative of the word, by way of call or pursuit; to shout.
To whoop, as in whooping cough. See Whoop.
To drive or follow with a shout.
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A pliant strip of wood or metal bent in a circular form, and united at the ends, for holding together the staves of casks, tubs, etc.
A ring; a circular band; anything resembling a hoop, as the cylinder (cheese hoop) in which the curd is pressed in making cheese.
A quart pot; -- so called because originally bound with hoops, like a barrel. Also, a portion of the contents measured by the distance between the hoops.
Large rim for a bass drum; usually made of wood.
Basket or rim. Also slang for playing basketball. jump shot.
The basketball rim and backboard players shoot the ball towards in attempt to score points. Also referred to as the basket .
the international term for wicket as wickets are used in cricket.
A wicket (see below). "Hoop" is typically used in Commonwealth countries.
what a "wicket" is called in Commonwealth countries.
A circle, or combination of circles, of thin whalebone, metal, or other elastic material, used for expanding the skirts of ladies' dresses; crinoline; -- used chiefly in the plural.
a light curved skeleton to spread out a skirt
a circle, and it is this circle that is always the circle of initiation for men and women alike
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a small arch used as croquet equipment
also called arch or rib, is the curved piece of rectangular tubing making up the primary frame work of the structure
See Frame.
Hoop (Rhythmic Gymnastics) may be made of plastic or wood, provided that it retains its shape during the routine. The interior diameter is from 80 to 90 cm, and the hoop must weigh a minimum of 300g. The hoop may be of a natural colour or be partially of fully covered by one or several colours, and it may be covered with adhesive tape (not fluorescent) either of the same or different colour as the hoop.
An old measure of capacity, variously estimated at from one to four pecks.
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a registered trademark of Wham-O, Inc
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A crane loop used to pass orders up to a moving train; the fireman puts his arm through the large hoop.
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the metal stanchions on each side of a stuffed shot
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To clasp; to encircle; to surround.
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One of the four realities. Shaped like a hoop. (What else?!)
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The hoopoe. See Hoopoe.