Definitions for "Ruff"
A muslin or linen collar plaited, crimped, or fluted, worn formerly by both sexes, now only by women and children.
Something formed with plaits or flutings, like the collar of this name.
A collar on a shaft ot other piece to prevent endwise motion. See Illust. of Collar.
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The act of trumping, especially when one has no card of the suit led.
To trump.
The play of a trump when another suit is led. A ruff is allowed only when the player cannot follow suit (of course, only in trump contracts.)
A small freshwater European perch (Acerina vulgaris); -- called also pope, blacktail, and stone perch, or striped perch.
An exhibition of pride or haughtiness.
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A game similar to whist, and the predecessor of it.
Wanton or tumultuous procedure or conduct.
Keywords:  drum, beat, loud, vibrating, roll
A low, vibrating beat of a drum, not so loud as a roll; a ruffle.
To beat with the ruff or ruffle, as a drum.
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To hit, as the prey, without fixing it.
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quarter, twenty five cents.
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To ruffle; to disorder.