Definitions for "Bloomers"
Historically, bloomers were loose undergarments, with elastic at the bottom, formerly worn by women for cycling. Nowadays, bloomers are back, but in modernized versions. These newer versions can even be found in crotchless styles.
a costume for women consisting of a short skirt and long loose trousers gathered closely about the ankles. Or a full loose trousers gathered at the knee formerly worn by women for athletics during the Victorian and early Edwardian era.
loose ORiental trousers gathered at knee, first made popular by Amelia Bloomer in 1851.
Bloomers was a British sitcom starring Richard Beckinsale that was aired in 1979. It was in production in 1979 but only five episodes were made before Beckinsale died suddenly from a heart attack just before a planned rehearsal for the sixth episode. Bloomers was immediately shelved, though the five completed episodes were broadcast later in 1979.
Founded in 1978 at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, Bloomers is the nation's premier all-female musical sketch comedy troupe. The group consists entirely of undergraduate women who write, direct, and perform all-original material. In addition to the cast, the group maintains a standing crew, business staff, and band.
Bloomers is a word which has been applied to several types of divided women's garments for the lower body at various times.