Definitions for "Tippet"
Keywords:  scarf, cape, fur, stole, choir
A cape, or scarflike garment for covering the neck, or the neck and shoulders, -- usually made of fur, cloth, or other warm material.
A black scarf worn by the priest during some services other than the Eucharist.
short shoulder cape.
Keywords:  leader, fly, tapered, monofiliment, xor
A handful of straw bound together at one end, and used for thatching.
The thin end section of a fly leader, to which the fly is tied. Also a term used for a small orange and black barred feather from the Golden Pheasant game bird
The monofiliment section of the fly rig between the leader and the fly.
Keywords:  gut, twisted, fish, length, hair
A length of twisted hair or gut in a fish line.