Definitions for "Roost"
Keywords:  perch, fowl, bird, night, owls
The pole or other support on which fowls rest at night; a perch.
A collection of fowls roosting together.
To sit, rest, or sleep, as fowls on a pole, limb of a tree, etc.; to perch.
Keywords:  verb, ronaldsay, hoger, rusk, bagger
The debris kicked up by a spinning rear wheel. Used as a verb, to leave someone behind.
a fine drizzle, a 'fine roosty rain'. Norse rus and rusk, fine drizzle of rain or snow. The 't' in roost has apparently been added on analogy of Scots, roost. In the North Ronaldsay form roostanhoger, roostan may be a pres. participle of a verb 'to roost', or it may simply be the noun plus 'and'. With hoger, see also bagger.
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See Roust, v. t.
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to go fast or accelerate quickly. Or, to stop suddenly.