Definitions for "Crane"
Keywords:  boom, lift, hoist, jib, stacker
Any arm which swings about a vertical axis at one end, used for supporting a suspended weight.
A machine for raising and lowering heavy weights, and, while holding them suspended, transporting them through a limited lateral distance. In one form it consists of a projecting arm or jib of timber or iron, a rotating post or base, and the necessary tackle, windlass, etc.; -- so called from a fancied similarity between its arm and the neck of a crane See Illust. of Derrick.
To cause to rise; to raise or lift, as by a crane; -- with up.
Keywords:  gruidae, wading, heron, bird, neck
A wading bird of the genus Grus, and allied genera, of various species, having a long, straight bill, and long legs and neck.
The American blue heron (Ardea herodias).
To stretch, as a crane stretches its neck; as, to crane the neck disdainfully.
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Crane is a CRM tool that keeps track on your customers, contacts you have made, and reminds you when you should contact them again and such. Crane has a J2EE backend and a Swing-based frontend delivered by Java Web Start.
The swinging unit that hinges the cylinder of a revolver with the frame.
The part of a solid frame revolver on which the cylinder is swung out to accomplish loading and ejecting. Also called Yoke.
The crane is also a symbol of longevity. According to Chinese legend the crane could live to be more than 600 years old.
An emblem of longevity and superhuman wisdom. Cranes are the flying steeds of the immortals, their other celestial locomotion being clouds. The crane is also believed to carry the souls of the dead to the Western Heaven. Cranes flying into the sky symbolize a rise in status.
Crane is a pseudonym of Richard Alan Krieger (born ca. 1956). He is a trumpeter and vocalist that has played and recorded with The Minutemen on their albums Buzz or Howl Under the Influence of Heat and , and with that group's D. Boon in the "Revival of Rock" in Los Angeles in the early 1980's.
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Project no longer developed - go to and use Thunderbird :) Email client written in Java and SWT, using native GUI of your OS. There are three separate distributions - for Windows, Linux GTK and Linux Motif. Main features: multiple mai
Keywords:  siphon, cask, bent, liquors, pipe
A siphon, or bent pipe, for drawing liquors out of a cask.
Keywords:  shaolin, kung, five, styles, animal
One of the five animal styles of Shaolin Kung Fu.
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An iron arm with horizontal motion, attached to the side or back of a fireplace, for supporting kettles, etc., over a fire.
a million times heavier than an arm
a highly complex piece of machinery, with multiple parts that all have to work together with superb precision
Keywords:  spars, forked, bracket, crotch, post
A forked post or projecting bracket to support spars, etc., -- generally used in pairs. See Crotch, 2.
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United States writer (1871-1900)
United States poet (1899-1932)
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a huge mechanical arm which sometimes is large enough to hold the camera man and the director as well as the camera
A large, mobile camera mount on which the camera and an operator may be suspended high above the scene or action.
The mounting that supports the camera over the compound.
A position in the body is extended upward and one leg is extended forward at a 90-degree angle.
A position where the body is extended in a vertical position with one leg extended forward at a 90-degree angle.
a long-term investment with normal life expectancy often counted in decades
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a must for buildings over one-story, regardless of truss length
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A measure for fresh herrings, -- as many as will fill a barrel.
a very expressive tool, especially if you're after a certain effect