Definitions for "Gondola"
Keywords:  venice, prow, airship, skiers, railcar
A long, narrow boat with a high prow and stern, used in the canals of Venice. A gondola is usually propelled by one or two oarsmen who stand facing the prow, or by poling. A gondola for passengers has a small open cabin amidships, for their protection against the sun or rain. A sumptuary law of Venice required that gondolas should be painted black, and they are customarily so painted now.
A flat-bottomed boat for freight.
A long platform car, either having no sides or with very low sides, used on railroads.
see basket.
Fixture approachable from all sides used in a self-service retail store to display merchandise. Designed to carry a variety of merchandise classifications. Photo Photo Photo Photo
Long, narrow display case providing access for merchandise from both sides.