Definitions for "catwalk"
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a narrow walkway projecting from a stage into the seating area of a theater; it is used, e. g. by models displaying clothes on it at a fashion show. Called also runway.
a narrow walkway high in the air to allow workers access to parts of a structure otherwise difficult to reach. Catwalks are located, e.g. above a stage in a theater, between parts of a building, along the side of a bridge, on the outside of a railroad car, on the outside of a large storage tank, etc.
An access walkway to equipment, not necessarily across a void (as is the case with a bridge).
Catwalk was a short-lived Canadian television series that ran from 1992 to 1994. The series was based around a struggling band ("Catwalk") trying to hit the big time. The band was composed of Sierra Williams (singer), Johnny Camden (guitarist), Mary Owens (bassist), Atlas Robinson (dancer), Daisy McKenzie (keyboards), and Jesse Carlson (drummer).
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"Catwalk" is an episode of the critically acclaimed . It aired on September 13, 1995 and was written by Paul Dini and directed by Boyd Kirkland.
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Plank walk on top of boxcars; sometimes called the deck from which comes the word deckorate
That section of the mudguard adjacent to the bonnet.
The second-floor level enclosed passage connecting all campus buildings. The Healey Library is entered from the Catwalk.