Definitions for "PlanK"
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A broad piece of sawed timber, differing from a board only in being thicker. See Board.
Fig.: That which supports or upholds, as a board does a swimmer.
To cover or lay with planks; as, to plank a floor or a ship.
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another expression for 1 strip per plank
To bake or broil meat, fish or vegetables on a wooden or metal plank.
Formula One regulations state that all cars must have a wooden plank under the car to prevent the ride height being set too low, this plank must be a specified depth at the end of the race.
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PlanK is an education application to help young and less young people to learn history. The main purpose of PlanK is to display chronological timelines that can be edited by the user. PlanK is GPL and available for MacOS, Linux and Windows
For a young woman to dream that she is walking across muddy water on a rotten plank, denotes that she will feel keenly the indifference shown her by one she loves, or other troubles may arise or her defense of honor may be in danger of collapse. Walking a good, sound plank, is a good omen, but a person will have to be unusually careful in conduct after such a dream.
One of the separate articles in a declaration of the principles of a party or cause; as, a plank in the national platform.
a section of the platform of a political party usually focuses on a specific issue
any of the principles contained in a party political platform, as in welfare reform is a major plank of the Republican agenda.
To splice together the ends of slivers of wool, for subsequent drawing.
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To harden, as hat bodies, by felting.
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To lay down, as on a plank or table; to stake or pay cash; as, to plank money in a wager.
set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise; "He planked the money on the table"; "He planked himself into the sofa"
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cover with planks; "The streets were planked"