Definitions for "SLEEPERS"
Keywords:  concrete, laid, nailed, strip, nailers
Joist set in concrete to provide nailing strips for flooring.
Boards laid directly over a masonry floor to serve as nailers for plywood, or strip or plank flooring.
Staggered, flat lying lumber (like 2x4s) commonly used to make a firm, even sub floor base on concrete.
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Sleepers is the solo album from Rapper Big Pooh, of North Carolina's Little Brother. It followed on the heels of bandmate Phonte's solo project with Netherland producer Nicolay (as Foreign Exchange), Connected (2004). The album features contributions and guest spots from the aforementioned Phonte, Nicolay, 9th Wonder and LA-based rapper MURS.
Sleepers was a comedy-drama produced by Cinema Verity for the BBC and was first screened in 1991. It was written by John Flanagan & Andrew Mc Culloch, and directed by Geoffrey Sax.
Sleepers (1996) is a dramatic movie based on Lorenzo Carcaterra's novel of the same name. Carcaterra alleges that the story is true, although much evidence exists to contradict the majority of the events depicted.
Keywords:  dormuses, abridores, newly, heals, stud
Small stud earrings usually gold, inserted in a newly pierced ear to keep the hole open while it heals. Also called dormuses and abridores.
Keywords:  telepathic, psi, corps, inhibit, wish
A drug that is used to inhibit telepathic abilities on people who do not wish to join the Psi Corps.
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pajamas with feet; worn by children
A term for a player that an owner believes is going to have a breakout season, or much better statistics than predicted. For the most part these are relatively unknown players.
Loaded containers moving within the railroad system that are not clearly identified on any internally generated reports.
Keywords:  rail, heavy, lengths, tracks, wood
Heavy lengths of wood on which rail tracks were placed