Definitions for "Skirting"
A skirting board.
Finishing element at baseboard of stairway, around the circle perimeter or around posts.
Metal or wood material used to fill in the space between the bottom of the trailer and the ground. This skirting may be backed by insulation board or framing depending on the individual application.
Keywords:  fleece, dung, coarser, stains, mud
removing coarser or shorter fibre and debris from the blanket or other parts of a fleece.
Removing the stained, unusable, or undesirable portions of a fleece.
When shearing and preparing fiber, a process of discarding any fiber with urine, dung, or mud stains.
Keywords:  risers, taffeta, poly, satin, pleated
Decorative covering around tables or risers.
A pre-pleated fabric made of poly satin or poly taffeta, which is stapled to tables or counters.
Attractive fabric placed around a table to conceal the area.
Skirts, taken collectivelly; material for skirts.