Definitions for "Coving"
A cove or series of coves, as the concaved surface under the overhang of a projecting upper story.
The creation of a concave cut or “groove” in the edge or surface of a workpiece. A cove can be produced with a router bit or by passing the workpiece across the top of a rotating table saw blade at an angle with the aid of a special coving fixture.
The concave decorative moulding that joins a ceiling to the walls.
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The splayed jambs of a flaring fireplace.
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Ready made cornice generally fixed with adhesive. e.g.Gibroc Coving
plain curved background which has no edges, corners or folds and gives the impression of infinity.
Coving is a method of subdivision characterized by non-uniform lot shapes and home placement. When combined with winding roads, lot area is increased and road area reduced. Coving is used as an alternative to conventional "grid" subdivision layout in order to reduce costs, such as road surfacing, while improving aesthetics.