Definitions for "wall"
Keywords:  inclose, kicker, kick, rampart, fortify
A work or structure of stone, brick, or other materials, raised to some height, and intended for defense or security, solid and permanent inclosing fence, as around a field, a park, a town, etc., also, one of the upright inclosing parts of a building or a room.
A defense; a rampart; a means of protection; in the plural, fortifications, in general; works for defense.
An inclosing part of a receptacle or vessel; as, the walls of a steam-engine cylinder.
A vertical structural element that holds up a roof, encloses part or all of a room, or stands by itself to hold back soil.
Also riser. The vertical section between the bench and the cone of a manhole.
A structure or slab of small thickness, built in a vertical or nearly vertical plane.
an artifact as much as any potsherd and where intact sections are found, every effort to conserve them must be taken
A wall can refer to a section of, or the complete profile of, the perimeter of an open pit excavation.
Send a message to everybody's terminal, see the section called "SUID and SGID".
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Either end of the table. Shooter is supposed to hit "The Back Wall" to complete a fair roll of the dice.
(a.k.a. Back Wall): The end of the table the shooter throws the dice against in order to complete a fair roll
The side of a level or drift.
a masonry fence (as around an estate or garden); "the wall followed the road"; "he ducked behind the garden wall and waited"
a side of a building or a room or a fence
A jump simulating an actual solid wall.
jump that simulates a solid stone or brick wall.
A line of exterior pieces all one color barring one player from legal moves in that area.
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a type of creature that can't be declared as an attacker
Structure of astounding simplicity. In terms of building and design, you can't get much simpler than a wall. Actually, no, I'm wrong, a floor is simpler to build. Because you don't have to worry about it falling over. Because it already has. Floors generally have very little job satisfaction, because it entails letting people walk all over them.
WALL is a radio station licenced to Middletown, New York that serves Orange County, New York. WALL is owned by Cumulus Media and broadcasts in 1340 kHz with 1 kilowatt daytime and nighttime, both nondirectional.
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The chroma-wall used by the meteorologist.
A barrier in a Maze that one is not allowed to pass through when solving the Maze. Walls can be physical constructs that actually block your way, as in a life size hedge Maze, or just other methods of indicating that you shouldn't pass that way, such as lines drawn on the ground or on a sheet of paper.
a barrier, a border, a boundary
a very cheap and very effective means of insuring border intergrity
Keywords:  equine, hoof, enclose, prejudice, horny
The outer, horny part of the hoof which is the primary weight bearing structure of the equine foot.
anything that suggests a wall in structure or function or effect; "a wall of water"; "a wall of smoke"; "a wall of prejudice"; "negotiations ran into a brick wall"
(anatomy) a layer (a lining or membrane) that encloses a structure; "stomach walls"
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Wall is a fictional mutant character in the Marvel Comics Universe. His first appearance was in Cable vol. 2 #79.
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a onetime expense
anything in front or beside you So ,should we sketch a drafting table? Or perhaps a computer screen? Or maybe the windshield of our vehicle
Keywords:  stupid, useless, idea
a useless, stupid idea
Keywords:  ellis, liberty, island, symbol, statue
a symbol in direct opposition to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
Keywords:  sideboards, kickback, crown, easy, shot
(1) the sideboards/kickback (2) the crown of oil (3) a very easy shot
Dormer: a window projecting from the wall at roofline.
a great place to practice integrating all of this at an imagined target without the judgment of a real basket
a great training tool for keepers
Keywords:  sno, park, operated, cost
a no-cost sno-park operated by the U
Keywords:  hell, lot, illegals, war, deal
a big part of the solution, but there are a lot of illegals who are going to get past it and we need to be able to deal with them effectively as well
a hell of a lot better than a war
a simple solution to a very complex issue, and quite frankly I don't think that will keep too many people out
Keywords:  facade, mask, trap, mirror, voice
a surface, as is a facade, a trap door, a mirror, a mask, a voice
Tiles assembled face down at the start of the game.
a structure made of all the tiles at the start of the game, from which tiles are distributed to the players
Opaque portion of the building envelope.
The unbroken portion of the wave.
a polygon mesh object which has only one face, but it will require a vertex list description (as discussed here )
Keywords:  screnn, entire, care, display, message
To display a message on-screnn to every single user on your entire computer. Use with care.
a difficult or awkward situation; "his back was to the wall"; "competition was pushing them to the wall"
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wall write to all users logged in
Unix command line utility. When invoked, it displays the contents of a file or standard input to all logged-in users. Its name is an abbreviation of "write to all".
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A kind of knot often used at the end of a rope; a wall knot; a wale.
A knot put on the end of a rope.
a place to hang a clock, shelves are for storing books, a coffee table is a place to set food, drinks, newspapers, magazines, or feet
Keywords:  doorway, fill, close
To close or fill with a wall, as a doorway.
Keywords:  prop, ways, two, you, useful
a useful prop, which you can use in one of two ways
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see brought over the wall, Chinese Wall.
The country rock bounding a vein laterally.
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See "hitting the wall."
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MULTI Any bank that is at or above 90 degrees.
Keywords:  twists, tool, practicing, useful
a useful tool when practicing twists