Definitions for "Users"
Those people who work with PTWin32. The systems administrator defines them with profiles containing rights and passwords.
an important step for us in making our virtual digital cable (VDC) available across every technology platform
Users have different roles within enterprise organizations. These can be mapped in DocuWare in order to simplify installation and administration. This is achieved by combining functions and access rights to profiles which in turn are allocated to roles. In the context of this White Paper, a user is always a DocuWare user. Users can be combined into groups. Users are awarded rights through individual rights, profiles or roles.
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users display a compact list of users logged in
an audit log that is padded with masses of low value data
People who can submit jobs to the grid and run them if they have a valid login ID on at least one submit host and one execution host.
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a transatlantic one
Persons or processes accessing an automated information system either by direct connections (that is, via terminals) or indirect connections (that is, preparing input or receiving output from the system without a review for classification or content by a responsible individual). Also, an individual who is required to use COMSEC material in the performance of his or her duties and who is responsible for safeguarding that COMSEC material.
The term “Users” shall mean individuals or entities (including Customer) accessing, or attempting to access, the Customer Web Site and the Web4minds System through the Internet.
Individuals whom the AAA server must authenticate and authorize before by they can access an organization's service, such as Internet access through an ISP.
a professional organization concerned with computerized modeling of complex systems as well as the design of software using the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm
Generic term for direct users (students and clients) of the Career Kokua system.
are government agencies and their contractors, as well as private industry with responsibility for delivering aspects of counter-terrorism or maintaining critical infrastructure.
A special group that contains all users who have user permissions on the server. When a Macintosh user assigns permissions to everyone, those permissions are given to the groups' users and guests. See also everyone category; guest.
the group of people who are intended to benefit from the project.
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Advanced design considers users to be the ones who actually are directly affected by the outcome of the design effort. For better or worse, the user will be required to deal with the resultant. The advance designer is ethically obligated to the users as a part of the advanced design process.
The public and Agency employees.
The public and City employees.
Individuals or groups of people who view, create, or modify information. Users include those who employ or manage information systems. Users may be employees, vendors, consultants, or temporary employees.
visitors to websites who avail themselves of something offered. The Network seeks to attract a specific user group promise of free personal search assistance is offered to its members. Certain types of users are also .network participants. definition of user defined definition of a member of a target audience of users definition of users defined definition of group that use the network
Are registered with your website but do not have access to change any notices or website settings.
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See Builders.
Accounts that are created to represent individuals.
Accounts that usually represents a person (but could be a system).
Users are represented by entities in specific UserLists. See User Record.