Definitions for "Interactive"
Refers to technologies which permit user participation.
A two-way, viewer-controlled electronic process that allows the consumer to select among a variety of services.
Describes behavior of the computer and program designed to respond to the user's request in a timely manner, generally a few seconds or milliseconds. [KEL93
Acting or capable of acting on each other.
capable of acting on or influencing each other
capable of mutually responsive interaction between people and machines.
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Using Mata interactively
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Refers to the fact that many texts (particularly those delivered via new technologies) have multiple paths and choices, inviting the reader to choose their path through the text. Interactive texts are rarely constructed to be read in linear sequence.
Communication between two or more entities that invites contribution which affects all parties.
Interactive in PC & internet terminology is no different to the meaning used in everyday life i.e. something which requires the person using it to be involved in a two way process or conversation e.g. click a button to display a new web page. The Glossary is interactive.
Where man meets machine and interacts, the most common form of interactive system is a touch screen or buttons on a kiosk type display device
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7int[r5Aktiv / adj. of methods, processes etc involving people working together and discussing what they do
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Many things make your web pages interactive. Forms are probably the most used. Any part of a page that requires input from a person either in the form of data or requests.
When a learner inputs information there is a response. The response may come from a computer or from a person via a computer, but there is a response.  For example, when you post a discussion item, another student can post a response to your item.   ()
Based on the data entered the ability to enter data a receive a rapid response from the system.
When a device (or person) can communicate in real-time with another device (almost always a computer of some sort).
The operation of a computer system through processing continual, instantaneous communication between the operator and the machine.
a word to describe people setting at home or in an office using their computers to activate the internet. Return
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used especially of drugs or muscles that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more)