Definitions for "mCS"
Mounted Combat System
Maintenance Cooling System
Modular Causeway System
Multipoint Communications Service
Multipoint Conferencing Server. A hardware or software H.323 device that allows multiple video conferencing (or audio or data) users to connect together. Without an MCS typically only point to point conferences can take place. Commonly supports voice activated switching, where whoever is talking is broadcast to all users, but new systems suppport "Hollywood squares", where multiple windows show each participant. ITU-T standard H.231 describes the standard way of doing this. Many current systems only support H.320 (ISDN) but many vendors are working to upgrade their products to support H.323 (LAN, Internet) as well. In the H.320 space, this functionality is referred to as a multipoint control unit (MCU). Sometimes these terms are used interchangeably, although they refer to somewhat different implementations.
MCS is a switching device designed to interconnect H.320 compliant conferencing systems in the H.320 conference. It accepts T.120-compliant endpoints.
eMbedded Control Station
Mine Countermeasures Support Ship (USS INCHON)
Maneuver Control System
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Multiple Character Servers. SWG servers that will allow as many characters of the one user to play (not simultaneously) on the one server.
Media Corporation of Singapore
Multimedia Communication Server
Multiple chemical sensitivity. A medical condition affecting several organs in which a person reports sensitivity to very low doses of a variety of chemicals after an identifiable chemical exposure to one chemical. (Gobbell, 1994, p. 69)
MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY. A condition in which a person reports sensitivity or intolerance (as distinct from "allergic") to a number of chemicals and other irritants at very low concentrations. There are different views among medical professionals about the existence, causes, diagnosis, and treatment of this condition.
Multiple chemical sensitivity. A wide variety of conditions that individuals may believe to be caused by low levels of exposure to a wide variety of chemicals.
Marketing- Communicatie- en Salesafdeling
ultiple hemical ensitivity - Syndrome characterized by reactions to environmental pollutants
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MathCAD Format File
Manchester Community Strategy
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See multichannel scaling.
Monographs classed separately. Applies to series which have distinctive individual titles and which are cataloged separately with distinct call numbers.
Modified Chance of Success. After adding and subtracting all the modifiers to a skill test, this is the number you must roll below to succeed.
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Marine Conservation Society.
medium-specific concentrations
Medium close shot.
Microsoft Consulting Services
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Motor Circuit Switch
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Master cell stock
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channel-coding scheme for EDGE