Definitions for "Radio frequency"
An electromagnetic wave eminating from a transmitter. What you listen to on an AM of FM receiver though on a different wavelength. Different ranges of frequencies are allocated to hearing impaired, remote controls, cordless phones, cellular phones, wireless microphones, police and fire communication, etc. Often used to describe how a wireless device (one not connected by physical links) transmits and receives a signal. see infrared, UHF, VHF
A frequency that is useful for radio usually between 10 kHz and 300,000 MHz.
High frequency electrical energy used in Catheter Ablation.
RF technologies enable remote access to your business system from within your warehouse or manufacturing facility.
Some Audience Response Systems utilize RF to transmit student choices, votes or answers from the Clickers to the base station (transceivers). These clicker remote controls do not need to be line-of-sight to the receiver to be able to work. Thus the receiver does not need to be permanently mounted on walls of the classroom thus students do not need to aim their clickers at a receiver to have it register their response. This allows the receiver to be very portable for use in numerous rooms. RF does penetrate walls and but the systems are designed so that they will not interfere with other devices in adjoining rooms. Normally RF systems can handle up to 1000 clickers per receiver. Thus they are ideal for large class sizes.
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Regression model Retailer
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See Request For Comments. Document series used as the primary means for communicating information about the Internet. Some RFCs are designated by the IAB as Internet standards. Most RFCs document protocol specifications such as Telnet and FTP, but some are humorous or historical. RFCs are available online from numerous sources..
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A system that communicates over a radio link between a data source and a scanner or reader. When used in the context of theft detection systems, it refers to a system that uses tags that can only be turned on and off.
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This is the type of radiation emitted from a mobile phone.
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The creation of heat by the transfer of energy.
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A generic term for radio-based technology.
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See RF.