Definitions for "K-band"
Keywords:  ghz, gigahertz, radar, police, guns
A radio frequency band extending from approximately 12.5 to 36 gigahertz.
The most frequently used radar frequency band: 24.05 - 24.25 GHz. K- band made its appearance in 1978. The first K-band hand-held radar guns could only be used from a stationary position. Later, a "pulsed" version was introduced that could be used from a stationary or moving vehicle. K-band radar waves have a relatively small wavelength. At the power level found in police radar guns, K-band has an effective clocking range of about 1/4 mile. Depending upon terrain (around a corner, over a hill, etc.), K-band waves can be detected from a range of 1/4 mile to 2 miles.
The frequency spectrum 10.9 to 36 GHz.