Definitions for "Sideband"
Band of frequencies adjacent to the carrier. Modulation of the carrier creates sidebands. The sidebands contain the signal data, but consume bandwidth beyond what the carrier needs. In some cases, circuitry may suppress duplicate sidebands without harming the signal data. For instance, AM becomes single sideband when circuits delete one of two identical AM sidebands. Some single sideband equipment also suppresses the carrier frequency. The carrier must then be restored at the receiver before the signal can be demodulated, that is, recovered.
Set of frequencies which are produced on either side of the carrier signal as a result of the modulation process. [Upper sidebands (USB) are higher in frequency than the carrier; lower sidebands (LSB) are below the frequency of the carrier. Various modulation techniques make use of one or both of the sidebands.] ignal - An intentional introduction of energy onto a communications path, resulting in the transmission of information. Contrast with noise.
Either of the two bands of frequencies, one just above and one just below a carrier frequency, that result from modulation of a carrier wave.
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