Definitions for "Jamming"
Electronic or mechanical interference that may disrupt the display of aircraft on radar or the transmission or reception of radio communication or radio navigation signals. Fr: brouillage
The deliberate radiation, reradiation, or reflection of electromagnetic energy with the object of impairing the use of electronic devices, equipment, or systems being used by an enemy.
The suppression of enemy radar and communications by high-energy electromagnetic bursts.
The action of inserting part or all of your body into a fissure in the rock. Can be as small as a finger lock to offwidth cracks which take whole arms and legs
wedging hands, feet, or other body parts to gain purchase in a crack
A technique for climbing cracks in which the fingers, hands, or feet are wedged inside a rock crack to gain purchase and facilitate upward progress.
Jamming is a client for music servers that use the Mpglist2 network protocol.
also known as blowing, husking): Playing along with other musicians without the aid of written music.
Jamming! was a late 1970s to early 1980s UK music fanzine edited by Tony Fletcher. Many of the early editions were printed and distributed by Better Badges.
See culture jamming.
Jamming in dance culture is a kind of informal show-off during a social dance party. Dancers clear a circle (jam circle or dance circle) and dancers or dance couples take turns showing their best tricks while the remaining dancers cheer the jammers on. While some jam circles are staged, most form organically and spontaneously when the energy and mood is right.
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Occurs when a telephone company (that has a customer-initiated pic freeze on file) refuses to honor a request from another service provider to switch the customer's service. Customer has to contact original carrier to request that the pic freeze be removed.
Enclosing any object between two bodies, so as to render it immovable.
a method of blocking that crowds or forces an attacker's natural weapon back and against your attacker's joint to prevent it from moving or working.
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to serve or return straight to the opponent's body