Definitions for "Transponder"
Those components of the satellite installed expressly to accept, route, amplify, and translate the frequency assignment to/from the satellite. There are 24 transponders on a satellite.
A device aboard an aircraft for transmitting data to an air traffic control radar system. Each time the transponder is queried by the radar, it responds with a numeric code and the aircraft's altitude. The code may be selected by the pilot. In radio terminology, the transponder is referred to as "Squawk". For example, a controller may tell a pilot to "squawk 0347". That means that the pilot is to set the code to 0347 and turn on the transponder.
the portion of a satellite which transmits and receives radio signals in a prescribed frequency range, from ground stations or other satellites (transmitter/responder).
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A device used in a locomotive, car or caboose that sends identification and position information about the unit to the LocoNet system via transponder detectors. Digitrax transponding devices are not unique to DCC and can be used on many other power formats.
An electronic tag mounted on a license plate, built into a vehicle, or placed on the dashboard. The tag is read electronically by an electronic tolling device that automatically assesses the amount of the user fee.
a electronic chip that is embedded into the plastic head of the key which contains a electronic code which adds up to billions and trillions of electronic code series which of course adds another security feature to present day automobiles and trucks
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a band-pass repeater
Optional devices of a DWDM system providing the conversion of one optical wavelength to a precision narrow band wavelength.
An underwater sound beacon used in navigation.
A multiplex alarm transmission system functional assembly located at the protected premises.
a transmission containing one or more channels
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