Definitions for "Downlink"
The ground facility which receives electronic communication from a satellite.
The transmission from cell phone base station to mobile phone or terminal. This term is normally associated with GSM or UMTS networks.
The segment of a satellite circuit that extends from the satellite to the user terminal (such as, but not limited to, a television).
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The direction of MSC to BSC. Back to the Top EMACS. A standard UNIX text editor. EMACS commands are used to manipulate command lines in the CLI.
Commands and/or data sent downhole via the Sondex Ultralink cable telemetry system.
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a communication from the surface to the BHA
A network connection between the Cisco 6400 chassis and an aggregated modem shelf.
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(see downstream)
Downlink is a term used when talking about data transfer speed. In this context it means the situation when the user is receiving data into the phone.
Direction of data transfer from the network to the mobile device.