Definitions for "RDS"
respiratory distress syndrome. Difficulty in breathing, noted by grunting, respiratory or expiratory wheezing or both, labored respiration, cyanosis (a blueness of the lips, face, fingers, and toes that can expand to involve the total body), and abnormal rate of respiration.
Respiratory distress syndrome. Serious breathing problem affecting mainly premature babies.
Respiratory Distress Syndrome. A condition that occurs when a baby is born early with underdeveloped lungs.
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RADIO DATA SYSTEM. Traffic information system on FM. RDS shows station name display (PI/PS) and delivers traffic bulletins (TP/TA) Also locks onto best possible frequency for a station in a particular part of the country (AF) Can display time and date on the receiver (CT) Sets with PTY (Programme Type) will automatically tune into a station broadcasting Pop, Classical, News etc.
Radio Data System allows you to browse radio stations via their genre of music or talk. It also features a text-messaging system which can display, for example, news or traffic alerts on your head unit's LCD display. This can be done without interrupting your selected broadcast station, as it uses a sub-frequency to carry the information to you simultaneously to your choice of listening. Many FM stations nationwide offer an RDS feature.
RDS is convenient digital data system that transmits inaudible encoded information together with audible FM signals. RDS makes tuning simpler because it will display the name of a station transmitting an RDS signal, and it will find the strongest signal for this station automatically. Following features are included (depending on the unit). PS (Programme Service Name) Up to 8 characters of station name information transmitted by RDS stations. TA (Traffic Announcement) Allows the radio to search for travel information and switch to it automatically during a traffic information announcement. AF (Alternative Frequency) Allows the automatic selection of stronger signals where more than one exists for the same station. EON (Enhanced Other Network) This service allows automatic switching to another station for the duration of a traffic announcement; this switching is only possible with the same network. CT (Clock Time) Allows the clock to be set automatically via RDS service. As this service is notoffered by all broadcasting stations, the time can also be adjusted manually.
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Records Disposal Schedule. A records disposal schedule is a document issued by the University listing various classes of records and specifying periods of retention, from short term through to permanent retention. Schedules are authorised by the University Archivist, the University Secretary and Senior Executive. A listing of all schedules available can be located at:
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A VSAM KSDS used for CICS emergency restart.
Remotely Delivered Services - Services that are delivered remotely via voice and web support.
Remote Diagnostics System. This feature allows a service representative to perform various diagnostic tasks and setting changes over the telephone line, eliminating unnecessary service calls and increasing uptime.
Remote Data Services. OS/2 facility which uses the LU6.2-based Communications Manager in OS/2 to give PC users access to data on other PCs across a local area network ( LAN). Works by intercepting SQL database calls (not just data requests) and directing them to the appropriate networked PC.
A program, administered through the Treasury Retail Securities sites in Minneapolis and Pittsburgh, allowing the purchase and inscription of paper savings bonds over the counter (such as at banks or credit unions).
Rapid Deployment Shelter. A strong lightweight shelter consisting of a steel or aluminum frame with PVC cladding. These can be interlinked for housing, storage, and operations.
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Reseau Des Sports
Rural Development Service.
Rural Development Strategy
Regional Development Strategy
Red Dot Sight; usually a non-magnified weapon sight which products a luminous red dot onto a special glass pane at the front of the device.
Rear Detection System
'room distribution system', part of an automated watering system
Regional Delivery System. A system that permits the public to buy bonds locally through financial institutions at which they conduct their everyday banking transactions. These local institutions accept customers' Series EE and Series I savings bond purchase orders with the purchase or issue price, and submit them to their servicing Federal Reserve Processing Office. Bonds are then issued and mailed to addresses purchasers specify on their orders.
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Railway Development Society
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Rent Deduction Scheme
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Sites using more than 250,000 kW annually and not under contract.