Definitions for "Smr"
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A communications service at 800 MHz and 900 MHz. Traditionally used to provide dispatch operations over analog networks, SMR now includes digital networks offering integrated dispatch messaging and cellular communications
pecialized obile adio. This is what the FCC calls a trunked radio system.
Specialised Mobile Radio; the US term for private mobile radio (See PMR) SMS
Standard mortality rate, which is the ratio of the actual number of deaths in the population under study and the number of deaths that would have occurred if the population under study had experienced the age-specific death rates of the standard population ( DPIWE 1999). The standardised mortality rate removes the effect of different age structures of the population, and allows a more meaningful comparison of the death rates of different sub-populations. It allows a comparison of death rates between populations with different age structures by relating them to a standard population. It is the overall death rate that would have prevailed in the standard population if it had experienced at each age the death rates of the population under study.
standardised mortality ratio. the number of deaths in a given year expressed as a proportion of the number f deaths for England and Wales
Severe mental retardation. Performance on standard measures of intellectual and adaptive behavior measures at least four standard deviations below the mean for children of the same age. (A.R.S. §15-761)
Summary Management Report – a system to extract FTR information in a summarised or aggregated format
Summary and Management Report-a system of extraction of FTR information.
Submucous Resection
Abbreviation for Sub Mucous Resection, which is performed during nasal surgery to relieve breathing difficulties associated with a deviated septum.
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Stream Methane Reforming
Evil, but not quite as evil as Markup. Now obsolete, they were defeated by the righetous MOMALs.
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Scottish Morbidity Record
Sites and Monuments Record. The repository for all archaeological and historical information relating to a county or district. It can also refer to the person responsible for the record
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See Staff Mediated Resources.
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surface movement radar.
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Service, Maintenance and Repair.
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sheet music, removed