Definitions for "Reforming"
A petroleum refining process, using employing catalysis, in which heat and pressure are used to cause cracking and isomerization of the hydrocarbon molecules in low-octane petroleum fractions. The reformed hydrocarbons have higher octane numbers than the original material.
chemical cracking operation of a hydrocarbon or alcohol molecule so that it can be transformed into its major components
a refining process wherein short-chain molecules in certain crude distillation products are chemically recombined (reformed) by means of heat, pressure, and, usually, catalytic reaction to form higher-value long-chain-molecule compounds.
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A chemical process in which hydrogen containing fuels react with steam, oxygen, or both to produce a hydrogen-rich gas stream.
See Platinum Reforming, Steam Reforming.
Reforming is the process of producing a hydrogen-rich gas stream for eventual use in a fuel cell from a feedstock.