Definitions for "Refinery"
The building and apparatus for refining or purifying, esp. metals and sugar.
A furnace in which cast iron is refined by the action of a blast on the molten metal.
A facility that separates crude oil into varied oil products. The refinery uses progressive temperature changes to separate by vaporizing the chemical components of crude oil that have different boiling points. These are distilled into usable products such as gasoline, fuel oil, lubricants, and kerosene.
Refineries are available in the large cities and are the primary area where players can refine commodities. The Refinery window displays all of the commodities the player currently has – from this list the player can then choose which ones to refine, how much to refine and the cost of the entire process. The refining process only takes a few seconds to complete. Players will need to visit the Refinery Craft Manager in order to use the Refinery. Scrip The third tier of money in Auto Assault is in the form of old world paper money, or scrip. One thousand clink or coin equals one scrip and one thousand scrip equals one bar.
Facilities located in large cities where players can refine commodities.
a terrible investment when you see a supply constrained market coming
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a relatively complex operation and could have a large number of CCAs for various operating units within its fence line
a dynamic place with many influencing factors