Definitions for "Kerosene"
An oil used for illuminating purposes, formerly obtained from the distillation of mineral wax, bituminous shale, etc., and hence called also coal oil. It is now produced in immense quantities, chiefly by the distillation and purification of petroleum. It consists chiefly of several hydrocarbons of the methane series, having from 10 to 16 carbon atoms in each molecule, and having a higher boiling point (175 - 325° C) than gasoline or the petroleum ethers, and a lower boling point than the oils.
Fuel used for fire See Fire safety, Fuels , what is a Material Safety Data Sheet
A petroleum distillate with properties similar to those of No. 1 fuel oil; used primarily in space heaters, cooking stoves, and water heaters. In this report, no distinction is made between kerosene and fuel oil; kerosene is included in the "Fuel Oil" category under "Energy Sources." (See Fuel Oil.)
A solvent with a somewhat slower evaporation rate than turpentine. Because kerosene also penetrates rubber it is used for cleaning composition rollers.
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Main form of heating in Japan. Produces CO - the silent killer.