Definitions for "Turpentine"
A semifluid or fluid oleoresin, primarily the exudation of the terebinth, or turpentine, tree (Pistacia Terebinthus), a native of the Mediterranean region. It is also obtained from many coniferous trees, especially species of pine, larch, and fir.
spirits of I A valuable solvent obtained by distilling the resin of the pine tree. Resin is leached from the living tree or given off when the wood is heated.
A colorless liquid with a penetrating odor; lighter than water. Uses include solvent, thinner for paint and varnish, insecticide, medicines and perfumes. Hazard: Flammable. Eye, nose, throat irritant. Headache and vertigo.
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Turpentine is an indie rock band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, formed in 2003.
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Byproduct from the kraft pulping process.
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Used for cleaning equipment and to thin mediums.