Definitions for "Contaminants"
Things that pollute or infect; ie. pollute the water.
Chemicals, microorganisms, or radiation found in air, soil, water, or food that are not normally constituents of these environmental media.
are substances that have an adverse effect on the air, water, or soil.
Keywords:  spoil, dirt, tar, adhesion, sap
As you drive, or leave your car outside and uncovered, your car's paint collects dirt, grime, bird droppings, bug splats, water deposits, tar, oil and other substances. These substances contaminate your paint, reducing its brilliance and smooth feel. If left alone, paint contaminants will cause premature oxidation or may etch the paint.
Foreign materials such as dirt, dust or oil that can be detected in the cured powder film, pre-treatment chemicals or air supply.
substances contained in in-use metal removal fluids that are not part of the original fluid formulation. These can include abrasive particles, tramp oils, cleaners, dirt, metal particles, dissolved metals, hard water salts, bacteria, fungi, and microbiological byproducts.
Any microparticle or organism which reduces water clarity or quality or presents health hazards. All of our filtering, circulating and sanitizing is directed here.
The general name for any microparticle or organism which reduces water clarity, quality or presents health hazards. Filtering, oxidising and sanitising are necessary to destroy the contaminants.
Anything other than refrigerant or refrigerant oil in the A/C system. Usually a result of water or moisture. When mixed with refrigerant, moisture will cause corrosive acids to form.
Foreign matter mixed in with homogenous recycled materials which reduces the overall quality and value of the load. For example pieces of plastic mixed in with recyclable paper.
in the context of recycling, contaminants are undesired substances in a load of recyclable material. Plastic bags mixed in with recyclable paper, or ceramics mixed in with recyclable glass, would be contaminants. Contaminants interfere with recycling machinery and processes.
any unacceptable or unintended trace materials.